The Sun Ends

The Morro Bay Sun is no longer with us. You can read four pages on an old “Sun” on this site. It is folksy and totally out of touch with today’s life. I remember the wife of the publisher, Marian Moses going around town getting “the news” to publish in the next edition. Marian was always dressed professionally in a brown or dark suit and carrying her little notebook. What was news then might be that someone took a trip to Fresno to see relatives and corny stuff like that which everyone liked.

Some years ago the paper was taken over by San Luis Obispo people who could care less about Morro Bay. They did their best in a style that eventually ruined the paper. Eventually it was a throw away paper with news of San Luis and nothing much local.

Perhaps another newspaper will eventually start here and bring us the news of Morro Bay. It would be nice if they could keep any political bias out of it and simply write news items and not some phony news column that starts telling a story instead of the salient facts first as they do in the Tribune. One can only hope. In the meanwhile go back in time to January 5, 1940 and read the paper the way it used to be.

Sun 1940



Thanks for your recent post on the demise of the Sun. Sorry to hear of its passing. I think every kid in town got their picture in the Sun for one reason or another at one time or another. The mother of a good friend of mine was a "stringer" for the then Sun-Bulletin in the 60s and was always pumping friends and neighbors for any local news she could dig up. Got paid by the column inch as I recall. Something ironic (perhaps prophetic?) I noticed on the front page of the 1940 edition you have posted. While it was the Trib that took over the Sun and finished it off, I noticed that the drawing of a building at the top center of the front page is of the old Carnigie library, now museum, in SLO.