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Some years later he ran into John Tanzi in Monterey and they had a reunion. Later the Joe Junior disappeared at sea in calm waters and was never heard from again. In 1960 there were three hundred thirty-two fishing boats in the harbor. Joseph gave up fishing and opened the Morro Bay Marine Supply Store on Market Street and operated it until 1972. He opened a fish processing plant near the Marine Supply on Scott Street in 1964. Fishing started to decline in the 1970s. In 1960 Joseph and a group of citizens protested the Corps of Engineers continued quarrying of the rock. Also at that time the bay needed dredging down at Grassy Island near the present museum. Col. Peacock advised them to raise thirty thousand dollars and that the Corps would supply a hundred thousand. Some outstanding South Bay and Morro citizens managed to get ten thousand dollars and then a donor by the name of Monte Young gave twenty thousand. Monte was later reimbursed by the City. Vic Brunelli, Col. A. Dailey (ret.), and Charles Judson all helped raise the ten thousand. With the public pressure led by Joe, they stopped blasting the base of the rock. Joe was elected to the city council and later was appointed Mayor.

Here is the Arctic. It was converted from an Alaska halibut schooner to a trawler for albacore and later used for shark fishing.

Trawler nets aboard ship and on the dock being repaired (1947)

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