Giovanni DeGarimore hard at work. He learned the business from his father Mike.
After college he resumed work in the business at its present location and took over management in 2004.

The DeGarimore family was originally from San Pedro, California. They moved to the central coast in 1959. Mike DeGarimore worked as a boat operator but became interested in diving. He started in the abalone industry and dove for Frank Brebes. They owned several fish markets in the 70's and bought the present location from Frank Brebes over twenty-five years ago. Mike is retired now and lives near another fishing community--Newport, Oregon.
This is a popular lunch place for many visitors to the waterfront. Seating is by the bay with a view of harbor activity.

Fresh crabs and the boiling pot are outside. Breads, wine and fish await you inside. You can learn much more about Giovanni's at their website ...Giovanni's