Harbor Development During World War Two

This information from THE SUN and personal memory

December 5, 1941--June4, 1943

July 17, 1942: The Chamber of Commerce allicates $100 for a swimmers float using lumber from the plunge. Commander Todd USNR, base commander, an accomplished violinist and Mrs.Todd, pianist, gave a concert at the Morro Bay Service Club.

February 5, 1943: Work is progressing on both the breakwaters and concrete surfacing began on the north breakwater.

This dramatic 1944 photograph is looking Northeast toward Cayucos.

February 12, 1943: Mamoth shovel towed into Morro Bay on a barge. It will be used to place large rocks on the breakwaters. Along the waterfront several blocks of levy have been commpleted. The large area, roughly two hundred feet wide is to provide roads, docks and warehouses. An additional twenty navy families will be moved to Morro Bay upon base completion.

Although this is a 1947 photograph, it does depict the filled in area described in the February 12, 1943 excerpt above. This was taken from the new embarcadero probably in front of Olive Street.

May 7, 1943: Lagoon to the shore is being filled and nearing completion.

May 28, 1943: Admiral B. Moreell, Chief of the Bureau of Yards and Docks reported to Congressman George E. Outland the work that had been accomplished after the April 1942 approval of $1,220,000 project. 1500 feet of breakwater extending south from Morro Rock State Park and 1860 feet of breakwater extending west from Sand Dunes State Park. A channel..... to the section base dock and a 12 foot channel extending 7500 feet beyond, with a minimum width of 150 feet including a 500 foot turning basin in front of the city of Morro Bay. An additional $800,000 would be needed to complete the project. The navy didn't authorize the funds.

June 4, 1943: Embarcadero opened to the public, except the navy base. Pedestrians are permitted to cross the trestle to the peninsula. Autos are not permitted. Look carefully and you can see more of the original embarcadero.

The Morro Creeks