Really Fresh Fish

This service may no longer be available but visit their site to find much more about Tognazzinis

Log on to Mark's and Bonnie's website ...Tognazzinis

Fresh fish from Skipper Mark of the Bonnie Marietta.

These are customers waiting their turn to get fish. The Salmon runs are May through July and then it's time to catch Albacore. On the right is Mark cutting the fish to your specifications--steaks, fillets, or a mix of both. You can also take the head if you like.


On the left is Bonnie, the CFO of the organization. On the right is Mark and some of the crew.

To recieve fish updates via e-mail, write to


Here, undeniably, is one of the most interesting people in Morro Bay. This is Wilmar Tognazzini, the patriarch of this great family. He has been an educator and an administrator, an authority on Hearst Castle as well as a talented musician. He helps entertain some of his less fortunate contemporaries that are in rest homes. He is author of the Telegram Tribune's 100 years ago in San Luis Obispo. Tognazzini's books on S.L.O. History can be found on line @ (maybe you can highlight this and paste in on your browser or you can link directly from this site at "links we like.")

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