Morro School Children

classes 5, 6, 7 and 8


Photograph--William "Whimpey" Pierce Collection

Front Row: Frank Pierce (bib overalls); Virgil Parvin, Mary Parvin, Maria Menard, Victoria Rosa, Sam Freeman; Ida Brebes; Margaret Kelly; Peggy Price; Verl Wagner; Clair Tyler (see index for first M.B. man killed in WW2); Virginia Lenards (I don't think so); Walter Pierce.

Second Row: Jim Edgeman; Carl Tonini; Elmer Galbraith; Kenneth Wagner; Jimmy Priest; Margaret Priest; Velma Silva; Rosie Angello; Ilene Tonini; Lena Souza; Margaret Galbraith; Harold Elmore; Howard Elmore (Howard was tall--at first glance you might think he was the teacher).

Our earliest photo donated by Jesse Walker

Classes of 1938