Morro Bay and Abalone

Most of the information on this page was supplied by Bill Erdman.

Bill Erdman's uncles, Howard and Harold Elmore came to Morro Bay as teenagers in the '20s. Both were involved in the industry, but Howard worked mostly with the tugboats while Harold had abalone boats and a shop. Harold's shop which was active in the '50s is still standing.

  • Frank Brebes
  • Harold Elmore
  • Glen Bickford
  • Earl McCutcheon
  • Laurence Thomas--first Morro shrimp fisherman
  • Lawrence Carver
  • Bill Pierce
  • Tom Pierce
  • Dutch Pierce
  • Tiny Montgomery
  • Paul Merrick
  • Ernest Kemp
  • Earl McCutcheon-- Shirley McCutcheon (Four Crabs)
  • Barney Clancy
  • Joe Martin
  • Leage's
  • Betty Jameson
  • The diver in this Erdman photograph is believed to be Delmer Reviea. The picture was taken in 1949.

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