The trestle and a beach party

This is the best picture of the trestle we have seen and the charming young woman in this photograph is none other than Morro Bay’s own Jan Meyers Miller. Jan is the daughter of famed silent star Gladys Walton who in later life built the Windmill House on South Main Street. Jan is owner of the Bay West insurance agency. She and her mother were passing through on their way to Oregon probably about 1945 or 1946 when this picture was taken. Jan married Bob Meyers a football star and graduate of Stanford. Bob received a MA from San Jose State and Phd from UC Berkeley. Janice and Bob moved to Morro Bay in 1977. Bob was a professor of Recreation and Therapy at Cal Poly. Bob died in 1993. Jan remarried in 1996 to Jim Miller. Jan calls herself a "Hollywood Brat" and counts as friends many celebrities past and present including Bob Hope and Warren Dorn. Ronald Reagan was a close friend of her father. Her mother Gladys and Lucille Ball were longtime friends. She has four children and sixteen grandchildren. Thanks to Jan for sharing a bit of her interesting life and for this great photo.

An artists memory of the trestle by Arleen Minton

The First Beach Party in Morro?

Photo from Darby Neil collection

It would be interesting to know where these folks were from. A couple of the men are striking a pose. The one on the left and one in front. Also in the background you can see some activity. It looks like a dredge but I think is has something to do with blasting the rock for a breakwater at Avila.