Bill Huntington

Bill Huntington is an interesting guy who just happened to take a trip to Morro bay in 1938 and has been here ever since. Bill was born in San Francisco and raised in an orphanage. He eventually became disillusioned with orphanage life and set out on his own. He made his way to Chicago and got a job in the stockyards. The conditions were deplorable (this was before Upton Sinclair's scathing book about the yards) and he soon tired of this type of work and went to work on the south side of Chicago at a gas station.

Bill got tired of the cold Chicago weather and set off for Florida. He worked at various jobs and headed west to Texas where he worked on a ranch and in the oilfields. Eventually he worked in Bakersfield, California and then Santa Maria. He had a model T ford and he drove to Morro one day and as he got into town the old car died and refused to start.

Being an enterprising person, Bill talked to Hollis McKennon at the Union Station (5th and Main--now Morro Bay Boulevard and Main) and Hollis put him to work making a dollar a day. McKennon's, being very generous people, took pity on Bill and supplied room and board for 50 cents a day.

Bill went to work for Miles Castle taking care of the Morro Bay garbage and eventually bought the company. He married long time Morro resident Edna Carroll in 1941 and they have three sons--Don, Richard and Tim who all live in Morro. The photos following are from Bill's collection.

Criddle Station in North Morro Bay (Highway 1)

Bill's first house

North Morro Bay 1938

Bill's Trucks. 2