The Caccia Family

Ed and Rose

This is Ed and Rose Caccia of Morro Bay. Ed was born Ettore Ferdinand Caccia in 1888 at Cottontail Creek, Cayucos. Rose was born Rose Lucy Rusca at Los Osos. They had a June wedding in 1913. Ed’s father, Willian Caccia, had property at Cottontail Creek where Ed and Achille Storni worked as partners until Ed (Ettore) in 1917 bought a six-hundred acre ranch in San Bernardo Canyon. This property was once part of the Canet Land Grant and subsequently the Quintana Ranch. He had a dairy on this ranch that started with seventy cows. They moved to Morro Bay in 1919.

Howard their son studied Mechanical Engineering at Cal Poly. He built a garage in Morro Bay for repairing autos in 1941

The following in PDF form is from the Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering Newsletter summer/fall 2010

Howard's interesting story, page 1

Howard Page 2

Howard"s Model T Business, page 3