Charlotte Butler Skinner


The left photo, taken in 1959 includes her grandson James E. Skinner (left) and son Louis V. Skinner.

The picture on the right (also in 1959) includes her nephew Harold F. Butler.

Both photos courtesy of the Butler family

We are not able to locate the Skinner men above, (see below) but thanks to grand nephew Russ we have these pictures. Russ, a radio personality, does the Internet radio Program "The Memory Music Hall." You will find this link on the homepage under "Links We Like."

Of additional interest, Stephen Kent Ehat at California Legal Research supplies the following: Louis Volmer Skinner was born August 24, 1906 in Reward, California. (ed.note. this isn't the Reward located in SW Kern County but rather a town located north of Lone Pine, Ca.) and died August 27, 1976 in Yerington, Nevada and is buried at the Masonic Memorial Gardens in Reno, Nevada; James Evansen Skinner was born April 20, 1932 in Lone Pine, California and died August 18, 1980 in Yerington, Nevada and is also buried in Reno, Nevada. Descendants (if any) of James are invited to contact Stephen via the email section of this website.

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