Fishermen of Morro Bay

photo courtesy of J. Giannini
Above the fellow on the left is local wag and real estate man, Milton Rhorberg. Can you help identify others? Tom Yost--front row, second from left; Charlie Stevens-- front row, third from left; Dallas Lindsy--second row, sixth from left. Left to right back row; Charles Haglund, sixth is Joe Giannini.

Joe Giannini

Bill Casper

Charles Haglund

The following information written and provided by Vi Pekerek

Tom Yost father of Vi Pekerek came to Morro Bay during the war. In fact he ran a naval "boot camp" on the surfing side of the bay. He had a crab stand in the forties where Virg's is now. The Harbor Hut was where the power plant is now and Dad would serve the Crab and Sara (nee Owens) would serve the drinks. The name of the crab stand and his boat at that time was Crabby Joe. He also was Morro Bay's first harbor master and when he retired he piloted the Tiger's Folly, that his brother Fritz Yost had built for Tiger Ruse and the Harbor Hut. He is now 96 years old and still going down to the harbor every day.
Charles Stephens was a Long time Morro bay fisherman who moved here from Oregon in about the forties also. Tom Yost used to work on his boat before he got his own. Charlie's son Frank Stephens was a Morro Bay Fire Chief for some time. I believe his son is now in San Luis Obispo
Dallas Lindsy moved here to be a fisherman after a long stint playing with Lawrence Welk's orchestra. I believe his children are now in Atascadero.