JOSEPH GIANNINI, photographer, fisherman, councilman, mayor, now age 92 tells us a bit about Morro Bay fishing and the town many years ago.

Joseph Giannini was born in Portland, Oregon the son of Italian immigrants Giuseppe Giannini and Caterine (Marciante) Giannini. They left Sicily and moved to Portland about 1905. They were from the same village, Castelvetrano Sicily but met and married in the US. Joseph attended the local schools and became interested in a career in photography. He was a photographer for Kaiser Shipyards and eventually had a professional studio. The outdoors beckoned and although he had never fished, it was something he wanted to try. He had saved 1200 dollars when he found his first fishing boat a thirty-four footer named the Sandra that was for sale for six thousand dollars. A kindly man, Andrew Naterlin, who was in charge of the New England Fishing Company of Newport, Oregon loaned him the balance and he was in business. He prospered, had a fine crew and eventually bought a sixty-five foot boat the Arctic. Andrew Naterlin became mayor of Newport and eventually a state senator. Andrew had been blind most of his life. When fishing south of Morro Bay in August of 1946 Joe and his crew came upon a fishing boat in distress, named the Joe Junior. The owner was John Tanzi. They were not certain of their position (no GPS or loran's in those days) when he radioed the Coast Guard and determined they were near Morro Bay. The Coast Guard asked him to tow the boat to Morro Bay. Morro Bay was a port he had never heard of. In 1946 it was very unusual for a sixty foot plus boat to come into the bay but here he came with another large boat in tow. People lined the docks to watch the action and the new boats. Joseph was excited about this new town and he called his wife to tell her he had bought a house and this was to be their new home.

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