Artists Homes and the Artists

This very quaint stucco home has retained the same appearance for decades. It was owned by artist Aaron Kilpatrick. Mr. Kilpatrick was medium in stature and always seemed to wear jodhpur breeches and riding boots. He was born in St. Thomas, Canada in 1872 and became a landscape painter after a successful business career. He moved to Southern California and was an exhibitor in San Diego at the Southern California and Panama Exposition. He had his first solo show at Leonards in 1923. He won national acclaim when he was elected an "Associate of the National Academy of Design" (ANA). He was a resident of Eagle Rock before moving to Morro Bay. Aaron was great friends with the great William Wendt who one day sat down and painted the Kilpatrick home. This painting can be seen on these pages under Morro Bay artists. Some of this information is from Artists in California 1786--1940, by E. M. Hughes.

Another home of interest is owned by Harleigh Knott, daughter of Harold Knott. The house has remained in the same family for seventy-one years, something a little unusal for Morro Bay. Mr. Knott was born in Toronto, Canada. He studied Applied Design at the Pratt Institute and studied Fine Arts with the Art Students League of New York and the Byrd Cliffe Art Colony in Woodstock N.Y. He was a landscape and marine painter. He moved to Laguna Beach and Carmel before coming to Morro Bay in 1928.

This is Charles Robinson, affectionately known as "Robbie" to most Morro Bayans. Robbie did the backdrops for the Morro School plays. One of these is still located in the school auditorium. In this photograph, "Robby" poses by his cabin in the 1930's. Click link below to see the only existing mural that we know about. Knott family photograph

Robby's Mural

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