The Stocking Gallery of old Morro Bay

James and Alma Stocking

Ezra Stocking came South from The Santa Rosa Area in 1871 and after returning, convinced his brother JC (Joseph) to move to Morro Bay. JC, a blacksmith came in 1872. JC had a large family--Frank, Flora, Minerva, Anna, Charlie, Ernest, and George. James father Charlie and the other children attended Morro's first school as later did James. James teacher was Marie Walsh. (later--Mckennon)
JC started a blacksmith shop on the site that later became the Breakers Cafe. He eventually built a cement building on Morro Bay Boulevard reinforced with all the metal scraps he had accumulated over the years. He even used some narrow gauge track left over from quarrying Morro Rock. (This building is on the left in the first picture of this series) At one time the Stockings owned half of the town. Charlie followed JC in the blacksmith business which became an auto repair facility. Charlie married and they had five children.
James married the charming Alma, a Norwegian from Minnesota. Alma is deceased and James, now 91, seems to be doing very well. They had two sons and a daughter. One son, Boliver, is deceased. Bud and Malyne live in the Morro Bay area. James was a highly trained refrigeration technician.
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