The Morro Bay Jubilee 1946--1949

(These years were truly wonderful. The war had been won. The G.I. Bill gave thousands a chance to go to colleges like Cal Poly. There were NO drugs. People were accentuating the positive and singing that song along with Johnny Mercer. It was an innocent time and the future couldn't have been brighter)

Oyster eating contests, street dances, and speedboat races were some of the attractions

Program--First Day

1:00PM--official opening of the First Annual Morro Bay Jubilee with downtown Street Parade.
See Street Parade here... parade

2:00PM--Wild West Rodeo at Morro Bay Rodeo Grounds (the rodeo grounds were over near the school)
7:30--Illuminated Boat Parade, contingent on the presense of Morro Bay Fishing Fleet
8:30PM--Street Dance. Free Dancing to the Music of Homer Righetti's orchestra

Program--Second Day

8:00AM--Golfing and tennis
10:00AM--Outboard Motor Boat Races in the Bay. Class C
11:00AM--Old-Fashioned Western Barbecue, continuing till mid-afternoon. Sponsored by Morro Rock Post No. 26, AMVETS of World War II.
1:30PM--Special Jubilee Baseball Game--Morro Bay Merchants against San Miguel. Baseball diamond at the Morro Bay Union School Grounds.
2:00PM--Second day Wild West Rodeo at the Rodeo Grounds
7:00PM--Award of dazzling new Kelson Kraft speedboat, with Johnson Sea Horse Engine at the Midway Concession Area.
8:30PM--Giant Fireworks Display on the waterfront.
9:00PM--Street dancing and fighting to Homer Righetti's Orchestra.

Program--Third Day

Monday, Labor Day, September 2nd, 1946

8:00AM--Golfing and tennis
10:00AM--Midget-powered model airplanes in roaring demonstrations at the baseball diamond
12:00 noon--Boat excursions inside and outside the bay. Fishing contests.
1:30PM--Special Rodeo Stunts and the great Jubilee Climax Event--the famous Hell Drivers Show, featuring Dusty Rhodes!

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