Morro Bay Jubilee's 1946--1949

Of interest to some are the sponsors of the 1946 Jubilee. Most are deceased, but many have children that view this site. Perhaps others may be interested also.

Noyes Realty Service--Edith Noyes
Morley's Cafe--next to Bay Theater
Sky Lawn Airport--Robert Smoot and Louis Domenghini
Rader's Paint and Body Shop--E.F. Rader
Rock Cafe--Mildred and Vic Hansen
Recreation Center--Max addington and Bob Blackmarr
Abbey's Fish Market
Morro Bay Creamery Fountain
Park Auto Court--Ed and Stella Hallin's
Felts Photo and Gift Shop
Star Variety Store
Camp Stevens Auto Court
Happy Jack's
Downs Meat Market--in Maston's
Jake's Barber Shop--920 Main Street
Strom's Shoe Repair Shop--Oscar Strom
R.C. Horton--Boats 'n Stuff
J.M. Goulding--Insurance and Real Estate
El Rey Hotel Court--Mrs. Sally Baker
Pat's Modern Beauty Shop
Leiter's Rexall Pharmacy--David Leiter
Circle Inn--A.J. Doc Fettig
Cabrillo Motor Court--M.F. Harpster
Carver's Frozen Food Lockers--Lawrence Carver
Davis Auto Court--Pat and Thelma Davis
Don Judkin's Meat Market
The Morro Bay Billiards Club--Ford Meyers
The Cracker Box--space for seven
Morro Bay Cleaners--Mr. and Mrs. Coy S. House
Ocean View Garage--Gene Jones
Morro Bay Feed Store--Ralph R. Brusha
Morro Strand Auto Court--Mr. and Mrs. Pres Hohner
Wings Cafe--in Cayucos
Rasmussen's Gifts
Bay Theater--Harry and Irma Maupin
Paul E. Merrick
Whitlock's Groceries--Larry and Evelyn
Bay Tailoring Service--Mr. and Mrs. Frank Soletti
Earl S. Roberts Electrical and Plumbing
Bay Smart Shop
Wilson's Richfield Station
Morro Beach Service--Gordon C. Brown
Rumley's Department Store--Tad and Ellen Rumley
Morro Bay Hardware--J.R. Tanner and H.H. Watts
Smitty's Chevron Gas Station--J.W. Smith and J.C. Rayburn
Reid's Chevron--David Reid
Baywood Park--Carl Fernando, Norman Bellrose, Niel Wright, John A. De Coste
In Cayucos--M.D. Bettencourt, Guido and Dario Minetti

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