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Since you like local history, you can't miss the following web sites. Wilmar Tognazzini's one hundred years ago in San Luis County has an unbelievable amount of historical information. There are three huge volumes done by the quintessential gentleman of San Bernardo.

Lynne Landwehr's History of San Luis Obispo.

Paso Robles anyone? See Dave Skinner's Paso site.

Morro Bay information and much more at Mike Baird's Morro Bay.

The Cayucos Catholic Church provides a history of Cayucos and the church with really great early photos

The History of Oil in California and the Midway-Sunset field--the Taft Oilfield Museum

Did Pedro de Unamuno land in Morro Bay? Visit the link below

Tognazzini's One Hundred Years Ago

San Luis Obispo by Lynne Landwehr

Paso Robles

Early Cayucos history and the history of the Cayucos Catholic church

Taft's Wonderful Oilfield Museum

Historical San Luis from the Telegram Tribune

Pedro de Unamuno

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