We continue to receive photos of Morro Bay in its early days. If you have any old photos you would like to display, please e-mail me. I will scan the photo and return it the same day. If you wish to write something or describe an early event, please let me know. You can send e-mail from the Homepage.

Maston's Market circa 1930

Photograph courtesy of Mike Dominguez (possibly taken by Glen Bickford)

A very early Maston's Market
Photo courtesy of Howard Caccia

Banning School was located four miles east of town.
Roberta Canet photographs

Banning School Students 1913

(click to enlarge)

photos courtesy of Katherine Limon

Since we are unable to locate the original 1919 Morro School and the Plunge is evident (center front), the photo appears to have been taken between 1900 and 1919.


Old number nine, now the thirteenth hole.


The Cabrillo Country Club


Carp Lake

The legend on this old drawing reads--Ranch, Residence and CARP LAKE of John Greening, near Morro, San Luis Obispo Co. Cal. Late 1800's. The town of "Morro" was founded in 1870 by Franklin Riley, a Yankee businessman and entrepreneur.

CARP LAKE! oh, oh, isn't this the site of the Cloisters subdivision? Just kidding folks, as best as we can determine Carp Lake was approximately where the Morro Bay High School playing field is located. A few people remember it as a very low rain catching basin that caught occasional creek overflow.