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Captain Eckstrom and six crew members (top photo)

Text reads: The six members of the sunken tanker Montebello as they neared the rocky coast at Cambria Pines are shown in this picture taken by Austin Waltz. The men were nearly exhausted as they battled a strong wind and heavy seas to bring their lifeboat in where rescuers awaited with ropes and other hurriedly gotten together equipment. Captain Olaf Eckstrom is seated in the rear of the boat using an oar as a rudder while other members of the crew fought a losing fight against waves which tossed the 18-foot boat like a cork.


Text in the lower photo reads "Captain Eckstom (right) and another member of the crew of the ill-fated Union Oil tanker "Montelbello" which was torpedoed off the California coast near Cambria a week ago Tuesday morning. This snapshot was taken by Austin Waltz after all the six men had been hauled from the ocean by local rescuers. The photos of the rescue were first printed in the San Francisco Call-Bulletin in the early morning edition of Wednesday, December 24.

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