The California Gun Test

On a whim, I decided to take the gun test. The test consists of 30 multiple choice questions. It is easy to pass and I think you can miss a few and still pass. Also you can take the test before you take the test by checking it out online. The questions and answers are all there. After you pass the test there’s more to do before you can actually buy a gun. There’s the background check which costs $25 and while you are waiting ten days for that, you have to become familiar with the weapon you have chosen. If it is a handgun, you have to obtain a safety certificate from an instructor. After all of the above, you can get your gun!

There is a recently passed law that allows persons that feel their live-in relative or nut-job kid represents a danger, can turn them in for investigation. You wonder if anyone would ever be turned in but it is a good thought. Personally I have no problem with any of the above requirements but what happens after is the problem.

There is much talk about gun safety and how removing guns from gun owners will save lives and end crime. California has solved the problem of regular citizen gun owners without ever having to confiscate guns. Here’s how. If it is a pistol you decided on, it must be locked unloaded in a compartment (trunk of your car works). The ammunition also must be locked but not in the trunk as it is against the law to have it near your pistol. The ammunition would be in your glove compartment or elsewhere in the cab. These restrictions present the following scenarios.

Car Jacking:

Say a thug puts a gun in your face and demands your car. You control this by asking him to wait a minute or two while you get your ammunition out of the locked box and then go around to the trunk to get your gun, load it, point it at him and tell him to get lost.

Mountain Lion attack:

Same thing or--

If you think it is legal to carry when hiking on your favorite trail, you shoot the lion. However, if you didn’t check with the proper authorities you could be fined for this gun violation and also you may be in violation of the endangered species act.

Home Invasion:

You certainly have to be very careful with this one. We all know it is unsafe to have a loaded gun on the nightstand so you may have to go and either get your gun from the safe or find it wherever. Your life must be in mortal danger if you plan to use your pistol--i.e. the invader must be pointing a gun right at you or be coming at you with a knife etc. If you are pretty sure he is going to shoot, you can take a chance and shoot him. If you aren’t sure it is best to ask. You wouldn’t want to shoot some poor guy that is down on his luck or maybe got an early parole and needs your stuff. Most California authorities agree that in the case of home invasion, it would be best to sit down and talk it out with the invader. After pondering all this, you may not wish to buy a gun.

Vic Hansen January 2016