A message from Vic

When I retired, I decided to do something other than try to improve my golf score which probably wouldn't happen anyway. I grew up in Morro and knew many of the townspeople and I decided to write a bit about them. Morro Bay always attracted one or more people that had great ideas about what needed to be done and only they could do it! Is it still like that now?

When computers came upon the scene, I was determined to try to keep up with my kids which wasn't easy. We had an Apple 2E which I learned to program by taking a class. I can't remember how I did it now but in was only math and not that difficult. I decided to create this website getting HTML out of a text by Elizabeth Castro. There wasn't much on the site at first and admittedly it was a lot of trial and error. Eventually the folks that were still left that I knew as a kid were still around and they had pictures that they were kind enough to share. People with great memories were Howard Caccia, Al Jorge and Bill Erdman.

This website is mine alone, paid for by me and not the city of Morro Bay. I hope it creates interest about the city. Some events shaped the future of Morro Bay, namely the abalone industry, the US Navy base and the PGE power plant. The power plant gave the city enough money to become a city and then not beholden to the County of San Luis Obispo.

Possibly of interest is that we get hits from all over the world. A few are Singapore, Croatia, Israel, Samoa, China, Russia and many European nations. The Russian Federation and China are always present. Some Chinese jokers from Taiwan tried to put one of my pages up in Chinese.


Vic--many many years ago

Vic--many years ago

really early vic with a foggy Morro Rock in the background