Morro Bay Historical Society's Walking tour of the City

Created by Jo Harth and Co.

1. Mural by Peter Ladochy on West Wall of Library at 625 Harbor St. This unique glass tile mosaic is titled "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow."
2. Bay Theater at 464 Morro Bay Blvd. built in 1941, it is the town's second movie house.
3. "Modern" Soda Fountain at 400 Morro Bay Boulevard. Built in the mid 1940's.
4. Early Post Office and Dry Goods Store at 407 Morro Bay Blvd. Long known as the Anderson Bldg. as she was postmistress and he was constable.
5. First Community Church in Morro Bay at 830 Monterey St. It was completed in 1902 at a cost of $1231.32 on a $25 lot. A later additon obscures the original front.
6. Original Movie House at 365 Morro Bay Blvd. Initially, films were shown once a week. Also served as a community theater and dance hall. Note empty electrical sockets on facade; the stage and the projectionist's booth.
7. Site of the Rock Cafe at 355 Morro Bay Blvd., a popular place during World War II.
8. First Department Store was at 325 Morro Bay Blvd.

9. First Drug Store was at 315 Morro Bay Blvd.
10. First Bank building (B of A--early '50's) 805 Main.
11. SW corner of Main Street and M.B. Blvd. was the site of many businesses. The current one-story building at 787 Main St. was the bottom of a two-story hotel.
12. Pelican Family, a blue granite depiction by Wachtang Korisheli, is at the bay end of the blvd.
13. The Centennial Stairway, built in 1975, connects the blvd. and The Embarcadero.
14. Site of an Early Real Estate Office, now a restaurant at 801 Market St. and the boulevard. Lots priced at $160 and up.
15. Once a dance hall, a roller skating rink, then a pool hall that burned down, this site at 899 Main St. was rebuilt during WWII.

16. The longest continuously operating business in Morro Bay, Happy Jack's, now H.J.'s, is at 900 Main Street, corner of Harbor St.
17. Ocean View Garage at 936 Main St. was among the town's earlier automotive garages.

A. School Building at 1130 Napa Ave. Completed in 1937 for $60,000. It houses a very large painting by Charles H. "Robby" Robinson.
B. Paladini, Inc., Abalone Processing Plant at 580 Monterey St. Shipped abalone throughtout the state.
C. The Goulding Building at 800 M.B. Blvd. is an example of 1930's moderne architecture. It was an early real estate office.