Women’s Golf in Morro Bay

also the history of the course by Elaine Tayor

The 2014 dynamic leaders of the women’s golf club.

Back Row left to right: Laura Dean, Bev Shaw and Joyce Anderson
Middle Row: Elaine Taylor, Susan Nail, Nancy Brown, Carol Berry
Front Row: Cathy Gardner, Lynne Pritchard, Pat Dyer and Vanessa Fujimoto

Executive Board

Susan Nail, Cathy Gardner, Elaine Taylor, Paulette McCann, Pat Pascal, Joyce Anderson, Pat Dyer, Carol Berry, Bev Shaw, Laura Dean, Vanessa Fujimoto and Nancy Brown.

Board Appointed Committees

Margie Landis, Carolyn Shank, Carol Berry, Nancy Brown, Susan Roper, Lynne Pritchard, Cathy Garner, Kathy Hoverswten, Paulette McCann, Elaine Taylor and Pat Dyer.

read about the history of the course
1929 golf from the Morro Bay bulletin 1966